Portrait Examples of 18.5 1.8 wide-open outdoors

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Re: Portrait Examples of 18.5 1.8 wide-open outdoors

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retro76 wrote:

One thing I love about the J3 is that the electronic shutter allows me to shoot fast aperture lenses wide-open in bright light. I am looking for better DOF control, something hard to obtain with the small sensor unless I am relatively close to the subject. I was thinking about picking up the 18.5, but would love to see some examples wide-open (1.8) outdoors before I spend the money.

Here are some of my portraits with the 18.5mm, all at f/1.8. Here is my review of the 18.5mm after 8 months of use. And here is my portrait flickr set.

I did read your review which was excellent. Pictures look fantastic.

Thank you.

I can't say I am overly excited about the DOF, it's not quite as shallow as I would like, but I guess I have to be realistic about my expectations considering the sensor size.

Yup, either that or buy some C-Mount lenses. Large aperture, mostly cheap, but also mostly far less sharp than native lenses. One other con: full manual control only.

I am trying my best to defeat the need to buy another SLR. I have decided to push myself to live with just the J3 for the next 6 months and not buy another camera ( I suffer from addiction !).

If Nikon dumps the 1 series, those 35 1.2's should go pretty cheap....

I wouldn't bet on price getting lower.

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