Portrait Examples of 18.5 1.8 wide-open outdoors

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Re: Portrait Examples of 18.5 1.8 wide-open outdoors

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One thing I love about the J3 is that the electronic shutter allows me to shoot fast aperture lenses wide-open in bright light. I am looking for better DOF control, something hard to obtain with the small sensor unless I am relatively close to the subject. I was thinking about picking up the 18.5, but would love to see some examples wide-open (1.8) outdoors before I spend the money.

Here are some of my portraits with the 18.5mm, all at f/1.8. Here is my review of the 18.5mm after 8 months of use. And here is my portrait flickr set.

I did read your review which was excellent. Pictures look fantastic. I can't say I am overly excited about the DOF, it's not quite as shallow as I would like, but I guess I have to be realistic about my expectations considering the sensor size. I am trying my best to defeat the need to buy another SLR. I have decided to push myself to live with just the J3 for the next 6 months and not buy another camera ( I suffer from addiction !).

If Nikon dumps the 1 series, those 35 1.2's should go pretty cheap....

Have you looked at the 30-110mm? You'll need more working distance but focal length affects DOF more than aperture (which is why crop sensors do bad with shallow DOF). Also, if somehow Nikon chooses to dump the 1 system I don't think that'll lower the price of the 32mm. It seems to have been made in low quantities so if it's production halts altogether it's rarity could force the price to go up.

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