A7 & A7R... could real-world low light performance be worse?

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Re: A7 & A7R... could real-world low light performance be worse?

f is f whether it is for FF or APS-C, but it just tells how much light is gathered per surface.

A FF sensor has a 864mm² surface, whereas an APS-C sensor has 370mm², meaning that a FF sensor gathers 2.33X more light in total, for the same f.

The current problem with the A7 line is:

-we don't know if rangefinder (or even maybe DSLR) lenses will work well on the A7R (they apparently work bad on the A7).

-very few native lenses available now.

So if for example your favorite focal length is 35mm FF eq,

On a NEX you can shoot with the Zeiss f1.8,

or on the A7R you can use the Zeiss f2.8,

but the thing is that you get about the same light amount !

So currently if you want to use the 35mm focal length, I doubt that the A7 line will give you much advantage for low light shooting, if any.

If you want to shoot with the 55mm though, you'll get about one stop gain though !

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