NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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All the time she tried to play down the affair, but this goes too far. Now she is outraged and complained with Obama.

I have to repeat: Obama apparently has no sense for what is right and what is wrong. For a lawyer, I find this really strange.

Honestly - spying on leaders of foreign countries is their job. And it is rich expecting privacy when taking public political position.

Spying on our own citizens without a warrant obtained with some reasonable suspicion of a crime is a totally different issue - a crime by itself.

So braking international law is not criminal?

It is.

Really? Cannot find "breaking international law" anywhere in our criminal code:


You know, professional killers also "only do their job".

You know, professional killers are also necessary (would be great if somebody would take out Hitler in 1933 for example), but at least murder is clearly a crime in criminal codes of all countries.

Next you will say that your constitution says nothing which would make the NSA's spying illegal, as long as it happens outside Brooklyn ?

Again - spying outside of US is legal, spying inside of US without probable cause is illegal according to 4th Amendment of US Constitution and supporting laws and Supreme Court decisions. The problem is that they do the second, not the first (we hired them to do the first after all).

And make no mistake, you French also have spies. You would be complete fools not to, and you are not complete fools - at least heat in your homes is not completely in the hands of Putin and your energy is your own from one of the best nuclear industries in the world and the fools east of you even have to buy some from you.

It is amusing that for you, and so any others, legality hinges around US law only, legislation in other countries means absolutely nothing to you and that, my friend, has been becoming a concern which will bite you.

Just like legislation prohibiting women from driving in Saudi Arabia mean nothing to you. Really, would you abide THAT? Our laws mean nothing to you too - like one of our most sacred laws, the 1st Amendment providing protection of free speech and association - French and Germans punish political speech and participation in certain political organizations with incarceration.

If we would want some laws, we would enact them here. (Well, theoretically, if we would have a working democracy - which we do not anymore).

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