NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

Werderano wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Werderano wrote:

Yes you americans are standing about every law,

Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.

"Above" is what he meant to say, not "about". In German it would be the same word "über", no matter if it is in "talking über" (about) or "standing über" (above).


Where did i had my head? Thank you, again.


For Americans: The German translation of "You're welcome!" is "Bitteschön!". Now when I take that word apart and translate the single pieces, I have "Bitte" (= please) and "schön" (= beautiful), so "please-beautiful!" 

No idea, but back in the sixties we had a President Heinrich Lübke, who was rather famous for his funny, incorrect English; "Please-beautiful" could have been one of his creations!


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