NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

peevee1 wrote:

Werderano wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Werderano wrote:

One of them was not to spy in the UN. The only nation that broke this rule has been the US regulary and one report about China. And i don´t think the BND has tried it. ,-)

Again, nothing criminal about that.

I know, there is no point for you like you leader. And you named them MIC.


Yes you americans are standing about every law,

Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.

we and not only we in germany have this problems with your soldiers...

I have problems with our Military-Industrial complex, and that problem is much bigger than yours, believe me. The crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq created hundreds of thousands if not millions of terrorists who want to kill ME, not you, and unlike you, I have to pay for it, through the nose.

But it has nothing to do with our foreign intelligence agencies actually doing their job and obtaining intelligence on foreign officials.

See for me their is a red line, for you not.

Any spying for you is a red line? You understand that EVERY country spies and being spied upon, right? It is inevitable reality. It is like saying that it is a bad thing to take people's freedom so let's not to have any prisons. Yeah, it is a bad thing, but there are worse things out there which this bad thing prevents.

Be proud, if you like it.

Proud of what? I have no connection neither to military-industrial complex nor spies except being forced to pay their salaries.

That you defend and support them with your statements today?

I do not defend or support our WAY TOO MUCH oversized Military-Industrial Complex, except by my taxes which I am forced to pay. Would you go to prison instead of supporting Lockheed Martin etc? Are you in prison for not supporting EADS with YOUR taxes?

But sometimes it´s good to have trust and morals. Thought this should be part of our democracy. You and your country are winning more and more friends around the world.. let´s see what the next weeks are bringing.

Sarcasm is not going to help you make your point. It does not change reality in a bit. I think people in your country are more outraged that THEIR calls where traced that their politicians were spied on.

The reality is, that the world could see what your real interest are. Not terrorism, what you are trying to say. Merkel is no Hitler.

But how would you know that early without timely intelligence about her? Schroeder certainly did more damage to Germany in 7 years than Hitler did in his first 7 years.

But we could discuss about Bush if you like?

What is the point, we probably agree about him (war criminal etc).

It´s about espionage and that under "partners" in the NATO, UN, E20,...

Your standarts are low, i hope the majority in the US has higher morals.

There is nothing immoral in trying to obtain information when not having the information might harm you gravely. And that is the case with big politics - make no mistake about that.

Ragarding expectations of privacy for public figures - read this for example:


“[P]ersons who have placed themselves in the public light, e.g., through politics, or voluntarily participate in the public arena have a significantly diminished privacy interest than others.”

Yes, and I, as a photographer, am the last person to contest this. Yet, significantly diminished does not mean zero. There still is a considerable privacy sphere even for a chancellor that has to be respected!

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