The purge.

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Why yes, I read it, and it warns about a potential for violent revolution

taintedcamera wrote:

Was ten pages of the DHS report pdf, (an official document), a little too hard for you to comprehend?
It would seem so.
Come on, it's not that difficult to see how the OP may have a point..... But of coarse.

There must be some merit to the story, because you responded with you BS lies again.

..... tsk, tsk, tsk

Which of course Mr. Klaymen is doing his very best to organize.

Are you saying that I misquoted Mr. Klayman? Tsk, tsk, I leave the BS to you. Mr. Klayman is saying point blank that if the Kenyan Muslim doesn't leave peacefully, then violence is the only answer.

But I take it your "point" is that Mr. Klayman is actually a leftist?


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