NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: In puncto Schröder we agree

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By the way, somebody has to watch politicians because they tend to behave very badly when not watched closely, and internal secret services cannot do it because they can be ordered not to.

For example, when your previous KeiserChancellor Schröder was destroying German nuclear energy industry and selling off Baltic so Putin/Gazprom could hold Germany by the balls forever, somebody should have caught HIM by the balls first (certainly not BND or MAD or BfV). And guess what, who Schröder works OPENLY now, finally receiving his "30 pieces of silver"?

There were quite a few chaps hanged after the Nuremberg trials who where less guilty than him. About the Gazprom deal I do not know a lot, but he is the one who destroyed the German Social State.

I don't know about your Social state, but the fact that Schröder was a Russian agent was pretty obvious even then before he went ahead and started receiving official salary from them. Now you are all paying tribute to Putin/Gazprom, and your children will be paying, and probably their children too.

I wouldn't be terribly surprised to hear that he was recruited in Soviet times by KGB, SVR or Stazi and is a general (or enjoys the similar status) of SVR or KGB (or how it is called today) now after the huge successes like these. I actually would be MORE surprised if SVR managed to recruit him in the 90s.

A lot of speculation i would guess. ,-)

More like educated guess. There is no other more probable explanation for what he did.

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