NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Werderano wrote:

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RobertSigmund wrote:

All the time she tried to play down the affair, but this goes too far. Now she is outraged and complained with Obama.

I have to repeat: Obama apparently has no sense for what is right and what is wrong. For a lawyer, I find this really strange.

Honestly - spying on leaders of foreign countries is their job. And it is rich expecting privacy when taking public political position.

Spying on our own citizens without a warrant obtained with some reasonable suspicion of a crime is a totally different issue - a crime by itself.

So braking international law is not criminal?

What international law? Specifically?

And no, breaking international agreements (there are no other international laws) is not criminal - but I will be surprised if such an agreement existed. It would be funny exercise in futility, because every country has spies and they don't exactly get their money doing nothing. Do you think Germany has no spies?

We have, but it´s only a puppet of yours. And the diffrence is we want better control not only over the BND. ,-)

By the way, somebody has to watch politicians because they tend to behave very badly when not watched closely, and internal secret services cannot do it because they can be ordered not to.

Your fearlevel in the US is unbelieveble.

Everybody SHOULD fear politicians, by default - they wield way too much power to be out of control. You guys thought that Hitler was not dangerous too.

For example, when your previous KeiserChancellor Schröder was destroying German nuclear energy industry and selling off Baltic so Putin/Gazprom could hold Germany by the balls forever, somebody should have caught HIM by the balls first (certainly not BND or MAD or BfV). And guess what, who Schröder works OPENLY now, finally receiving his "30 pieces of silver"?

I didn´t liked Schröder and i didn´t vote for him and i´m well aware about his history. Beside "destroying" our nuclear energy industry and getting instead a green one was a good decision, so thanks to the greens.

So you think that burning coal and Russian gas is somehow more "green" than nuclear power stations which produce no emissions whatsoever? Your windmills are just eyesores playing no significant role in energy supply (except fooling people not paying attention to actual numbers of Gigawatts) and not even close to be able to heat your homes in the winter. Let me guess - all that "green" campaign against cheap, clean and safe nuclear energy was financed by Russians too.

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