"Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

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So "iconic"...

That many assume that NEX is yet another mirror-less body with m43 sized sensor. And so iconic that people have come to imagine a non-existing imaging division within Sony called "NEX" which also happens to make video cameras called "NEX".

I think, consolidation under a uniform naming convention was overdue. Can't wait to see what A3, A5 and A6 bring to the plate, or perhaps A9.

Philnw2 wrote:

When i'm looking through various photographic blogs and websites, i see the terms Nex and "m4/3" used a lot to define a type of small mirrorless camera. It has common name recognition to it, as much as "kleenex" does when one buys facial tissues.

Many companies would love to have an iconic brand name like that which has common usage and will probably end up in a dictionary some day if its not already there.

Sony seems determined to have one orderly numbering system, and perhaps a designator like "A5623" will roll off my lips some day as easily as Nex does today, but i don't think so

In any case, Sony should keep that term Nex in common usage on their website to define this kind of rangefinder camera, because i think its worth tons of publicity to them. Its almost like Sony has decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, to hack up a cliche

I thought the Nex was one ugly camera when i first saw it, so i keep buying them to see if the looks have improved Seriously, I grab my Nex camera(s) more often than my DSLR, and thats saying something because i really like my Pentax.

One last tip to Sony if they are reading, - think "quiet shutter". The Nex aren't too bad as far as shutter noise, but my K5 is quieter, and i think thats important for street shooting or in live performance theaters. The next time i buy a Nex to see if they're still ugly, i don't want to hear the shutter at all

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