NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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All the time she tried to play down the affair, but this goes too far. Now she is outraged and complained with Obama.

I have to repeat: Obama apparently has no sense for what is right and what is wrong. For a lawyer, I find this really strange.

I heard the FED sent her a photo of Germany's gold and she then shut her trap.....

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Yeah, a photo, because there ain't any gold there!

Where is Germany's gold?

It's leased out to the Chinese.  Or should I say it has been given to the Chinese as payment for our debt to them: 1.5 trillion Dollars we owe.  But that's nothing compared to our internal debt of 17 trillion Dollars, and unfunded liabilities of over 200 trillion!

Prepare for the coming Dollar devaluation.  It is the only way the Fed can tackle the debt, that is unless we strike a gold bonanza in Disneylands mountaiin! LOL

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