Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

Cheezr wrote:

I also agree with the article, of all the camera makers I believe nikon is the weakest.

The econ triangle is like the photo triangle (Tv,Av,ISO), it is supply, demand, and price.

supply is up and demand is down, the price supports like MAP are going to collapse and once it starts, like a snowball it will pick up speed.

First there will be fire sales, prices are already starting to roll downhill (see sony a7)

Second there will be consolidation (reduction of supply), I see Sony+Oly, Fuji+Pana, Canon by itself and Nikon ??? (not sure).

From the interviews and my long experience translating corporate exec speak, I would say that Nikon execs have been in denial for a long time and now that the truth is dawning they are in a total panic. Trust me the president of Nikon is preparing 3 envelopes as we debate.

Of course, there could be a miracle and all will be well but I don't believe in the tooth fairy either!

The next 5 years are going to be very interesting.. and we get to enjoy it! Yay!

Actually, I think market shares are going to see a lot of shifts. Pentax seems to have planned their latest camera around exactly what you guys are talking about: A small, durable, weather-resistant and top-specced crop camera that's poised to take away a lot of market share from the non-existent D400 and 7DII (I know this link has been thrown around pretty often on here already, but Thom Hogan describes the K-3 as the Pentax D400 and similar rumblings are taking place on Canon forums). What's more, it's just in time for the holiday season and priced to move; sounds like a recipe for success.

SO if Ricoh/Pentax does manage to steal a sizeable chunk of the pro APS-C/enthusiast crop market this season, I don't think it's going to be undone any time soon.

Just my two cents.

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