Upgrade to D800 from D600?

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Re: Upgrade to D800 from D600?

jjm1181 wrote:

Thank you all for the responses. I am now convinced to continue investing in better/more glass and wait and see what FF cameras come out in the next year or so.

Based on my lenses, I guess I'll get the 14-24mm 2.8. Part of me says get the new Nikon 18-35mm G lens + the Nikon 105mm macro lens for the same $$$. But I have the 24 - 70 range covered so the 18 - 35mm wouldn't really give me more range.

(1) Unless you know *for sure* that 18mm isn't wide enough for your needs, get the 18-35mm G lens for your ultrawide zoom. Smaller, lighter, cheaper, takes filters, and lots of people rave about the IQ. It's gonna be the next lens for my D600.

(2) The 105mm VR macro is bitingly sharp, but it's a big, fat pig of a lens. I like the 60mm non-VR macro lens better for my needs - product photography rather than bug pictures. I also picked up a copy of the old 100mm f/2.8 Series-E MF lens as my portrait-length travel prime. It is unbelievably small and light, and it cost just $110.

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