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Re: EOS-M Deathwatch?

Canon's blaming the economy?  Really?  NOT the fact that they haven't really innovated in their largest market (consumer DSLR's) since the 18mp sensor (until now with the 70D sensor but that hasn't trickled down yet to the sub-$1000 bodies).  REALLY?  The economy?  C'mon...

They're focusing on VIDEO in a machine that is designed to take PHOTOGRAPHS.  That aside, editing video still isn't overly easy or intuitive and the internet is sorely lacking in quality video sharing sites (videos don't load properly, the video quality is compressed, etc.).  For most, the novelty of video in a DSLR wears off pretty quickly.

I'm a big Canon supporter but GEEZ!  Are there that many "yes men" in Canon that they TRULY believe the economy is the problem?

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