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Re: If the author is correct.... and I suspect he is....

A rant with my 2 cents.

1) I just don't get why Nikon is dead-set on creating half-assed new product categories, when what their fans have been asking for all along is right in their faces: release a D400. Well, Olympus went and did that in their place and is stealing all the thunder from APS-C DSLRs. A D400 with the specs of the EM1 would have been a total winner.

Instead they churn out an uncompetitive ILC format with gimped features and no support, an uncompetitive APS-C 'enthusiast camera' which every other offering on the market eats for breakfast, and now they have this uncompetitive 'hybrid camera' with laughably gimped features so it can never actually compete with their own D4, and which may entice some Nikon die-hards but which is going to net them zero new buyers.

2) The consumer DSLR offerings are just messed up. Let's see, now that smartphones are eating the camera market for breakfast, what do DSLRs have to differentiate themselves? The 'DSLR look' is about bokeh, low-light shooting, and detail-intensive genres such as macro photography. That's something you will never, ever get out of a smartphone.

But can a consumer who walks out of a store with a T5i with kit lens for $900 do any of that? No. And it's because of the kit lens. Kit lenses suck, they haver very little, if any, creative capabilities over a smartphone camera and don't do anything 'DSLR-like' to satisfy amateurs, and since they are likely the only lens a casual user will ever have contact with, they're being abandoned in droves and quickly forgotten by the general public. Just replace the stupid kit zoom with a fast and/or macro prime and you'll be able to capture people's attention again. Smartphone owners are used to only being able to zoom digitally anyways.

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