Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

kelvin2345 wrote:

You said "Idiots at the helm" for RIM, Nokia and Kodak.. I just cannot agree with that.

Good debate!


Here is why I say idiots -

RIM - created a dependency on a single point (Waterloo) and fell victim to an IP suit which could have been avoided. Created a system that was very cumbersome and expensive. Perhaps the owners saw it 10 years ago as they should have and just rode it out as long as they could. I suspect they weren't quite that smart.

Nokia - what can one say? It could have been a matter of bad luck. But I actually recall our work in 2005-2009 in getting people set up on active sync. Nokia was notoriously hard to work with both as a company and as a product. Normally that doesn't bode well overall. It's like a neXt computer.

Kodak - I'm of the opinion that Kodak ceased to be relevant long before digital. Most of my photographer friends and a lot of the buying public preferred Fujifilm. Crystal Archive paper was a much better medium and I really liked the Fuji E-6 stuff. Kodak trusted their old school loyalists to stay the course and they did - until they retired. As far as their foray into digital, it was never to be. They were too leveraged, unable to create relevant products and never appeared serious to me. I hadn't had a high opinion of Kodak since the early 70's. A very typical American company that woke up to quality Japanese competition way too late.

Good leaders listen and evaluate. I don't recall any evidence that the above did so.

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