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If the author is correct.... and I suspect he is....

The author never claims that Smartphones are equal to DSLRs in image quality. He concedes that point. His point was that "consumers just don't care that much about image quality" anymore. They prefer convenience, connectivity, and the ability to share photos on social media.

When the consumer's needs change, you can't improve a product enough to recapture lost sales. Once the customers have decided they don't want horses, but they now want cars, then building a better carriage won't prevent people from buying cars.

Fashions change, and markets change with them.

60 years ago, every man wore a suit and tie, and had a hat. They all carried handkerchiefs too. Today, the hat industry, tie industry, suit industry, and handkerchief industry must be struggling with lower sales today than they had 60 years ago.

The only real solution for camera makers who want to maintain the same revenue as they had in the past, is for them to start building smart phones. You can't force customers to buy anything. You have to make the products they want. The only problem is, the cell phone makers will probably build better cell cell phones than Nikon, Canon, or Pentax could.

But this will probably not happen, although Samsung and Sony seem to be doing it right now.

What will happen is the dedicated camera device market will shrink, simply because fewer people want them. And the cameras that remain will all require "smart phone like" touch screens, WIFI, and creative filters that mimic Instagram, and those other crappy apps.

DSLRs will always exist, but as a niche product, and not as a mainstream one. In fact the DSLR niche will probably end up being larger than the cheap P&S niche.

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