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Jonathan Brady
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Re: EOS M2

Tom Hoots wrote:

UCSB wrote:

^^ Trying to analyze Canon's future plans without access to them is foolish.

Well, as I've said before many times, we are all just "guessing" here, and I've just been stating my "guess." Mainly, though, I've been responding to all of the false hopes that have been raised by truly awful "CR1" completely unreliable "rumors." And I'm sure that nothing much will ever dampen the usual talk about hopes for new/better versions of anything....

Tom Hoots

You've stated it far more emphatically than a "guess". You state it as though you have some sort of inside information (ie, sit on the board) and it's a FACT when we all know you do not sit on the board and you're trumpeting a guess as truth - vehemently.

How is the information you (don't) have superior to the "truly awful" and "completely unreliable" rumors that are floating around out there? Oh, and the 13 M2 references in DPP?

CLEARLY there has been a follow up to the M produced, Canon even named it the EOS M2. The only thing in question is when or if Canon will release it. What about Canon's recent history has told you that they're lightning fast with ANYTHING? So, logic would dictate that it's not a question of "if", but simply "when".  If you'd like to ignore logic and facts well... I suppose that's your prerogative.  But grandstanding here won't change facts, the future, nor will it make anyone look favorably upon you.

So, throw your soapbox in the garbage and find another topic to troll (or don't troll and become a valuable part of the community).  Because that's EXACTLY what you're doing here; trolling.

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