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Tom Hoots
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Re: Defensive measure

justmeMN wrote:

I think Canon will continue to develop the EOS M line, as a defensive measure. Development may be slow, and future EOS Ms may not be available in all countries, but I think that development will continue.

I think Canon wants to participate in all camera sectors, and there is a long-term competitive risk in not offering any mirrorless cameras.

I would submit that the digital camera market has suffered a MASSIVE change over the past few years -- and no company can "just keep on doing business as it normally has" in the past.  Canon CANNOT "participate in all camera sectors," if it simply can't MAKE MONEY in all of those sectors.  We are very simply going to see the end of some unprofitable segments, and/or we'll see the complete bankruptcy and dissolution of some of the existing camera manufacturers.

"Business as usual" just cannot exist anymore.  It's a whole new market out there.

Tom Hoots

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