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JimPearce wrote:

Many of the "facts" are indeed common knowledge here, but many would be new to a broader business readership. The numbers are daunting, no matter how you look at them and correct the details. Ironically, the writer doesn't seem to know anything about Nikon's quality control and customer service problems. And let's be clear: Thom thinks that Nikon has some work to do. Do I think Nikon will be around in five years? Short answer: yes, but it will be a much smaller company.

Maybe yes maybe not (much smaller company). Nikon still has a strong precision tool division, even though imaging has seen the most growth in the last 10 years and the 2008-2009 crash is still affecting its steppers and other industrial sectors.

I have had a private exchange with Thom regarding emerging markets. He thinks they are not going to cover for the change in the more developed economies re photography. I can't say, but Canon is going to produce Rebels here in Brazil for internal sales and exports. Nikon will likely follow suit, they have recently revamped Nikon Brazil, which never existed before (there was a comercial representative that didn't do much for them).

Think about the BRICs, about 3 billion people slowly ascending the income ladder. Africa has another 1 billion people, and other Asian emerging economies (led by Inodnesia in population) account for another 700 million or more. If the big two keep their heads cool and make longterm plans, certainly there is a world market for 20 or 30 million ILCs a year,

Yes, but many of these people will get a smartphone long before they think about a compact. As leased lines becomes a thing of the past (as in some countries in Africa, where almost only mobiles are used).
Therefor they are used to their phone for pictures. So I think that in the BRIC, DLSR will be a niche product.

possibly more. I don't see markets in NOrth America and Europe growing, and I think that's what these "analysts" only look at in their "expert" papers.

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