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Another problem if you use two screens: if you place a HUD on the second screen, Aperture doesn't remember its position. The next time you come back to Aperture, even if you just switch between two applications, the HUD is back on the main screen. Apple really f*cked up with this upgrade. Let's hope it is indeed a hasty job while they are working hard to get Aperture 4 ready...

I had this problem and also later the hud disappeared completely and i had to restart Aperture to get it back. I am seriously considering switching to Lightroom but inertia will cause continuing delay ;-).

After all, Lightroom is probably at least 5% of adobe sales whereas Aperture is what maybe .0000001% of apple sales, guess which product gets more executive attention?

I started with Aperture but I wasn't happy with the way certain things worked, like the highlight and shadow tools, so I thought I I'd give Lightroom a try and it didn't take long to realize which one had overall the best image editing capabilities and the much more efficient and quicker to use UI. In fact I think Lightroom is *overall* the best photo editor ever made.

I'd like to see Aperture have a dramatic upgrade for Lightroom to continue to have plenty of viable competition, at the very least. After all, Lightroom is as good as it is and priced as it is mainly due to Aperture. I'm not so sure Lightroom would even exist today if Aperture didn't come first and establish the market for such software. The sad thing is Apple have given away something they created, and that's a shame.

I’m not as stoked about Lightroom’s UI. I think that, except for it being stranded as a plug-in within the confines of that behemoth, Photoshop, Camera Raw has always been cleaner and more straightforward and lacking the junk features I never use such as web galleries and books.

I know we greatly disagree on this but initially I didn't like Lightroom's UI either and I ended up just tinkering with it every few days through the beginning of the trial. Then I decided to stop tinkering before the trial ran out and I started using it more seriously and watching some of Adobe's video tutorials. Every video had me surprised at how easily and effectively everything worked that was being discussed and how some very useful and amazing features were not so obvious to the user. It didn't take long at all after that for me to realize how wonderful the UI really is and how great most of the tools work.

My most favorite tools are the highlight and shadow tools, the ability to very accurately and easily adjust hue and saturation by simply scrolling in any area of an image and the adjustment brush. I also love the real time spot removal preview, whether in clone or heal mode. I also like not having to deal with a layers palette. There are only a few tools I can do without but none of them affect my digital camera images, only some of my wacky color balanced film scans. For those I mainly use Element's underrated auto color correction tool as it quickly equalizes the huge saturation differences between colors of some of the lousy films I shot with in the past while competently correcting strong color casts, which saves me a lot of time.

I don't use the books and web galleries features either. Even for the database function I use it in the simplest way.

I’m disappointed and exasperated with Apple for their refusal to communicate or to develop competently,

I'm going to send a short and direct e-mail directly to some of Apple's top executives, even Tim Cook, asking them if there is a future for Aperture. They are known to respond just like Steve Jobs was famous for doing. Couldn't hurt.

and with Adobe for forcing their subscription model upon users (my gut tells me Lightroom won’t be subscription-free for long), and at this point I’m considering going back to a simple folder hierarchy and TIFFs.

It sucks to be trapped by proprietary software, always wondering when the other shoe will drop, powerless and ignored.

Well, the best and/or most viable software is always "proprietary." If that wasn't the case GIMP would be a lot more popular, not to mention Linux for the PC. I know some people like them but I cringed when I said that.

The only way I see Lightroom staying subscription free is if there continues to be viable competition, especially on the professional side, otherwise the same thing will happen with Lightroom as what happened with Photoshop. I think there's fairly viable competition for Photoshop but it requires a number of apps and/or plugins to achieve it and that's something that I think much of the professional sector would rather not deal with, which is why Adobe can pretty much do whatever they want with Photoshop.

As I said in another post, Adobe can cut me off right now and I would be very happy with Lightroom 5.2. For the first time since I started photo editing so many years ago I can essentially edit my photos in real time, something I always wanted to be able to do. Of course, a top spec iMac also made that possible.

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