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Re: GM1 IS EMINENTLY POCKETABLE!!! Get with it, sigala…

captura wrote:

Also it will be smaller & fit in your tropical shirt (or is it blouse) pocket, too.

I wonder what kind of shirt people wear that they would put such a camera in it ...

I would not even put a Canon S100 type camera in my shirt pocket (looks awful IMHO and is a sure way to drop the camera to the floor in an unexpected moment).

Beats me... I like the GM1, but it's not realistically going into any of MY pockets, so I might a well just have something slightly larger (at least a GF/E-PL with a tilt screen and a few more control points). That's the point I was trying to get across in an earlier post... Pocketable varies a lot from person to person and you don't have to be a hipster in skinny-jeans to not have pockets large enough for any ILC... (GM1 included)

I wouldn't even put my LF1 p&s in a breast pocket, I've had my sunglasses fall out of there enough as it is. If someone wears cargo pants on a routine basis, or a jacket, or a utility vest, or a purse, or whatever and the GM1 is small enough that it becomes pocketable where any other M43 wouldn't be then that's fantastic! No need to take jabs at the rest of us for saying it's not much of a game changer tho... It just depends on the person, but this variety of choice is a beautiful thing.

I do think Panasonic and Olympus need to get some of their lenses and cameras more exposure tho... Stuff like the 20mm, the PZ, the new 12-32, and even other relatively small lenses (45, 9-18, 12, 17, etc) were a huge draw towards M43 for me and I had no idea such a system existed just a year ago. I had a vague notion of NEX bodies and whatnot but most of their lenses are larger, next to none are small enough to go in a pocket...

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