Canon 70D Review from DPReview?

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Re: Canon 70D Review from DPReview?

MisterBG wrote:

Adriano76 wrote:

Yep!... Also I think that this delay is absurd. 4 months are more than enough for an in-depth review!

I remember another similar case with the fuji X10... DPreview didn't review the camera until the "bloom" phenomenon was individuated and corrected.

Yes, but that was a known problem/fault, so it was understandable to wait for a fix before they tested the camera (btw was it ever fixed? Does anyone still care?)
I know of no similar problems with the 70D, which has been tested extensively on nearly every other camera review site.
I used to think that a DPR review was the definitive version but these days I'm not so sure.
What are all these new DPR staff members they hired doing?

Jeff Keller, where are you?
Time to resurrect DC Resource?

what about if DPR, perhaps the most influential review (still...) site comes out and says it's no better (still photography) than the 60D or 550D..

Won't that be equivalent to a "problem"

Seriously, it's so long since the camera came out it's largely academic now..

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