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Not opposed to make insurance more affordable. The problem with the current healthcare as it stands, is that it makes it less unless you go bronze and then your out of pocket expense is like way too crazy high. It could have been done better and I believe, since it is the law of the land, that there will be changes to, crossing my fingers, make it better and actually affordable, but, as it stands now, unless you are making below the poverty line, you are sc@vved.

Let me get this straight. Your country has the highest % of GDP in terms of healthcare spending in the world and you are afraid the premium will be high? Of course it will be high! The costs have to be covered one way or another. You're not living in Disneyland where problems magically disappear just because there has to be a happy ending.

The best alternatives are the ones we have over here in Europe. In my own country healthcare spending is considerably less than in the US and everyone is covered and in a lot of cases (the really important ones) for the full 100%. But I still pay a considerable percentage of my income into this collective insurance, as well as another monthly premium for basic insurance and added coverage. It is not perfect (which is impossible), but it works. Yet such a system would receive even more opposition from US conservatives, moderate republicans and likely a large number of democrats for being "too socialist". You still seem to prefer to jail people just because they had an expensive, life saving operation.

You need to make a choice between affordability, equality and a wide selection of treatments, and you can only have two.

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