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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

kelvin2345 wrote:

Smart phones will never be able to do nature photography so a smart plan for Nikon and Canon would be to get going on releasing kick-ass crop cameras with state-of-the-art AF and multi-fps.

That is a market they can serve well and grow.

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If everything go according to your plan, Canon and Nikon will be producing cameras specifically for the sports and nature markets, at the expense of the mass market for ordinary events, family, portraits, social media and etc.

I am not sure whether Nikon or Canon will like this plan..

That isn't the point.  As long as people who shoot portraits or ordinary events will buy big, expensive Nikon cameras, Nikon can continue to sell to them.  But dSLRs don't really do anything for those markets that mirrorless cameras can't also do just fine.  So, Nikon is trading on brand not on actual product advantage.  Over time, the market will figure that out and more of the public will either just stick with their smartphone or go with the smaller, cheaper, lighter option that solves their problem just as well.  IMO, Nikon needs to compete aggressively in that smaller, lighter, cheaper segment too.  Because they have nothing in that segment, I bought a Fuji X-E1 and it works quite well for my non-action photography.  So, the only camera $$ I've spent in the last 6 years were on non-Nikon equipment even though I have a ton of Nikon equipment and am just waiting for them to make something that works for what I shoot.

But, there are some types of photography that the dSLR has a major technical advantage and simply can't be shot well with less capable cameras such as shooting action.  Doesn't it seem odd that Nikon is not making cameras that leverage one of the biggest advantages of dSLRs (speed of focus and action tracking at high fps in bad light conditions)?  Sure, it won't sustain the company all by itself, but it is at least one segment of the market the dSLRs should entirely own, yet Nikon isn't even making a single semi-affordable camera for that audience.  I would have probably bought two new cameras in this segment in the last two years (one FX and one DX) if Nikon had made any.

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