SB400 Trigger?

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Re: expect the unexpected

TH - NikonStrobist wrote:

There's really no such thing as manual on an SB400, no way to change it, but the Elinchrom BRX 500 series is happy to wait past the preflashes, actually. It's pretty easy to test/demonstrate with a long exposure in rear curtain mode.

I don't know what the Elinchrom will do about preflash, but yes, there is manual flash mode for the SB-400.   The camera flash menu is the menu for the SB-400, which is why the SB -400 can only work if connected to the hot shoe.   If the SB-400 is present, camera senses it, and the camera menu controls the SB-400 mode.   If not present, then the camera menu is about the camera internal flash.  You can select TTL or Manual flash there, for either flash.

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