Panasonic Image App WiFi with NFC on Android explained "hopefully"

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Panasonic Image App WiFi with NFC on Android explained "hopefully"

I have spent the last three days trying to figure out how to make this feature work for me the way I was hoping when I bought my new LF1. I still find that eye-fi easier if you just want all the photos you shoot to end up on your android or iOS device. I will answer eye-fi questions if asked but for now I will stick the Panasonic Image App.

1. If your having trouble, it will rule out issues if you go into the REC settings on your device and reset wifi settings. Yes the reset is in the Rec settings, not the wifi settings. This will get rid of existing connections. I have found that if done correctly with NFC you will not need to have any established connections. If you also have an iPad like I do you can establish connections for that later after you have a knack for NFC.

2. On your android device go the settings/apps/ and find the Image App. Click Clear data, click Clear Cache, and Click Clear Defaults.

Note: if your connecting with NFC you should never have to press the wifi button on the camera. You should also never have to establish a connection with the camera menu.

3. Open the Image app, make sure the blue screen with the hand holding a phone is showing, it also shows Wi-Fi, QR Code, and Cancel at the bottom. If the blue screen is not showing in the app select the three dots at the bottom and select "Set connect dest". One confusing part if you previously established a connection is that app will begin searching for camera. If it continues searching just click cancel.

4. So with the blue screen showing hold the back of the phone up to the NFC icon on your camera. You may have to move the phone around until you hear the beep.

Note: You may hear a harsh beep as if it failed or mild beep with a fail. But if you hear a bright beep the app should start searching and your camera will say tap again to establish a connection. I had a few weird beeps but it worked on the third try. At this point your camera should say under remote control.

5. So from here you can control camera or transfer single or multiple photos. This is pretty self explanatory. So ask if you have questions.

Now here is how to use NFC to transfer a single photo from your camera to your phone.

1. Turn on the camera and display the photo you would like to tranfser.

2. Open the image app again to the blue screen with hand and device. Make sure it stops searching or hit cancel.

3. Touch the devices as before.

Note: The camera will now connect and your image will transfer. From here you can click exit on the app or you can select another photo and click again while still connected and it will transfer.

I will stop here for now. For me the only other function I would likely do is set up a connection to send photos as I record. I have not figured out how to establish with NFC and have only done it by setting up the connection manually through wifi. I will explain that in the next post.

Hope this helps

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