Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

Paul B Jones wrote:

Smart phones will never be able to do nature photography so a smart plan for Nikon and Canon would be to get going on releasing kick-ass crop cameras with state-of-the-art AF and multi-fps.

That is a market they can serve well and grow.

Funny thing.  It's the one market Nikon isn't serving at all right now (other than the $6k D4). Where are the D700 and D300 upgrades that people use for long reach action photography?  If you don't have $6k for a camera, Nikon hasn't produced a newly designed camera for this segment in 6 years.  Yes, that's 6 years.  And coincidentally, that's how long it's been since I last bought a new body from Nikon.

I agree with your observation.  If there are any markets that Nikon should serve, it would be the ones that dSLRs have unique advantage at.

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