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Things are certainly changing.............

motobloat wrote:

"People want and need film and film cameras therefore there is a market and therefore Kodak will survive." (nope, failed to change with the times, outmoded by digital cameras)

"People want and need a physical keyboard on their phone therefore there is a market and therefore Blackberry will survive." (nope, outmoded by touchscreens)

"People want and need video rental stores therefore there is a market and therefore Blockbuster will survive." (nope, outmoded by Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, etc.)

"People want and need a piano in the home therefore there is a market and therefore Aeolian-American Piano Company will survive." (nope, what was once the world's largest piano company was outmoded by the radio and later television)

"People want and need horsedrawn carriages therefore there is a market and therefore Buggy Whip Mfg. Co. will survive." (nope, outmoded by the automobile)

etc. etc. etc.

Times are-a-changing: today all of these things (and a lot more) fit in your pocket, in one device:

There's a saying that a person doesn't buy a drill because he wants a drill - he buys a drill because he wants a hole.

In the same vein, people are not buying a camera ( DSLR ) because they want a camera - they want to capture an image.  And what will work to give them an acceptable image is changing very fast.

A friend of mine was consistering buying some form of camera for family photos, etc. He bought an Iphone 4S, and told me afterwards that the Iphone camera gave him what he wanted.

And in the last several weeks I have bought, mostly to keep

D800e - fellow bought Fuji X Pro and Leica

80-400 AF-S G - fellow switching to Fuji

300 AF-S 2.8 VR - fellow downsizing

D600 and 24-85 kit ( re-sold ) fellow going to Fuji

105VR micro - lady downsizing as she needs lighter weight

D700 ( re-sold ) and 14-24 - fellow downsizing

So that's 6 people who have left DSLRs in the very small circle of Nikon DSLR users I've had contact with. This will only continue to mushroom. And Nikon and Canon are not what these people are going to. The Fujis, the Sonys will only get better, will get more acceptable, will give the consumer the images they want. And it's not just the alternatives to a DSLR that we know are coming - it's also the alternatives that we don't even know about yet. Nikon and Canon had better not get too complacent.

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