OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

If you can use your M4/3 for tele lenses, size and weight advantage in reach is in M4/3 favor.

For 35mm and 50mm and wide angle, manual focus FF lenses especially Leica M lenses are tiny.

For wide angle you can get some nice Canon FDn 24mm f2 lenses which is a 12mm on M4/3

and a 16mm on APS-c.  Good 16mm and 12mm f2 lenses are kind of expensive and I got my

like new Canon Fdn for about $275 a year ago.

Only thing is you have to lug you M4/3 around, its not so bad he-he.

Optech makes a reporters camera strap that can hold 2 cameras I think that the above solves

the problem of the large FF lenses, M4/3 definitely has its place especially with IBIS for tele lenses.

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