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dSLR market

My take on this is the same thing that happens with computers, the need to upgrade/replace has slowed down as the product has matured.With computers, most people web surf, send emails and maybe work with microsoft word. A computer made 10 years ago can still easily deal with that. Sure there are "pro-gamers" and other hard core computer users that demand the newest hardware but they make up a fairly small % of computer buyers

The photographic example in my case, I rarely print larger than 8X10 and mainly send downsampled pictures online or make 5X7 or smaller prints so the 16MP a D7000 has is already overkill. Unless I need high ISO over 400, an E1 - D200 vintage camera is fine. I think the average consumer isn't trying to shoot BIF or making 40X60+ prints. Obviously there are professionals who need these upgrades but I'm thinking that people have slowed down their upgrades once they got past 6-10MP.

The other side of this is cell phones have become pretty decent and most are now the = of your average cheap P&S. Plus the P&S buyer owns one because it's small and easy to carry. The phone is even easier. I'll be shocked if there is even a P&S market left in 5 years.

All of this explains why the camera market is down.

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