Nikon's 5 year plan...

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I will make a few quick comments:


Sadly, 5 years down the line, they still havent thought of that. 6D is about as advanced as they come and it doesnt have programmable OS or NFC. D600 is even worse with that stupid 70 dollar add-on.

Well - wait a second. I don't think we expect a 6D or D600 to be the "wifi" camera. I pick it up when I want resolution and quality. I don't plan to wifi that image to aunt Jeannie in Minnesota.

You dont plan to doesnt mean no one else plans to. many 5D2 owners did not plan to use Video back in 2008, yet 5D2 was a huge success because others did.

I for one would loved for D600 to have native wifi support with the ability to add ot have native NFC. When I travel I too would like to share images where I can. Right now I cannot. The difference between me and the friend I mentioned is that I would still rather use D600 while he sticks to iPhone. This is how to lose customers.

The one thing I sorely wish the D600 had was more than 3 exposures in bracketing.

I cannot imaging one situation where 3 shot bracket is not enough with D600's massive DR.

It's not because I want huge range, it's for better transition and less noise if/when I do make an HDR image. D800 has more steps available.

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