Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Not so gloomy, please Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

I also don't buy into the gloom. The one critical technology I think that Nikon has to master is the hybrid viewfinder. If they do this, the future looks bright. They have the best sensors. The best af-technology, on-sensor and off. They have tons of legacy that no other company (except Canon) can match. With hybrid VF, Nikon would be in a position where they more or less can do anything. They can put hybrid viewfinders into their DX and FX offerings, making these cameras very competitive against mirrorless. They can put larger sensors into the CX mount. They can put "1" sensors into their compacts, thus stemming the slide to smartphones. Nikon and Canon have had an exceptional decade. One cannot expect this situation to last forever. Perhaps the market will decline somewhat. But Nikon will be around and perform a leading role in a more mature, slowly growing market. No competitor has a disruptive technology that will alter the tables. Sure, Nikon could improve the connectivity in their cameras, but in my view, the value of this feature is exaggerated and amendable. Meanwhile, there are 3 billion people out there who will become middle class within the next thirty years....

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