Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

Thanks...its nice when someones see your point...particularly at DPR...

one other comment Id like to make is the report tipped double digit growth in the last 10-15 years for Dslrs and camera companies....but as sensor tech matures many dont see a need to upgrade every model generations of course sales will slide..and that sort of growth is unsustainable in the long term and as long as the companies are ready when the correction comes..( downsize) then they will survive  ....

I still see Nikon around in 5 years..but maybe with products just for the prosumer and pro....because these people wont go away.....just check out the many FB photographic groups out there..with many mum and dad proud parents buying their first good camera to get images of the kids

cosmonaut wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

what I can't understand is there's more SLRs out in the wild than ever before..more people are taking photos than ever before ..we upgrade due to sensor tech rather than buying a new roll of film..and yet doom and gloom on earth did the camera makers make a buck before digital...

people shooting with Iphones might never have bought a camera in the film days either

Well I have to agree with you as I see more and more DSLRs out and about more than ever. The biggest part of them are Nikon and Canon's. I have only seen a couple of mirrorless ones in the past year.

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