Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

Aurora0026 wrote:

It would be very sad, but it would not be surprisingly to me if Nikon will get the same fate as Minolta and eventually be acquired by some mega corporation, like Sony or even Google.

From Sony I expected much more since there acquirement of Minolta. They have so much potential to be the market leader in DSLR. But as long as they stick with there EVFs and noisy sensors and overpriced lenses, they won't get there.

If Nikon won't come with a killer product and good QC, shareholders will loose faith and the downfall will be as fast as gravity.

But who knows really whats going on high up there. Don't forget the Yakuza who have much influence in the business structure of Japan, god knows what they are up to.

Wow. Being with Sony and seeing what their doing I disagree. They have three full frame camera systems. In my book they are top of the pile in innovation. Olympus is too. I think the issue is Canon and Nikon have the market share due to their past and also they spend huge amounts of money advertising.

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