I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Re: I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

I'm super excited about the X-E2, my pre-order is in to replace my 8 month old X-E1.  For me it's my only camera for travel and landscape photography I do, no paid work here.  The additional features, speed, and refinements within the X-E2 are all I needed or wanted, they polish up an already good camera and solve nearly all of my gripes using the X-E1.  I didn't want more pixels, I like that the body stays the same and my grips and accessories don't have to be changed.  Flip out screen would've been nice though, 3:2 3" screen is truly welcome, same thing with the EVF refresh and manual wysiwyg.  Wifi is a bonus at this point.  I'm only a little annoyed I'll need a new remote shutter, also it appears the filtered b&w film modes are gone?

I am a little worried at how much used X-E1 prices have fallen.  It looks like I'll be keeping mine as a backup instead of reselling.  IQ is already excellent there.

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