RX10 lens quality?

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Re: RX10 lens quality?

tbcass wrote:

Ed at Ridersite wrote:

Most f2.8 lenses would look pretty sharp under those conditions - ISO-125 at f5.6 in near perfect light. I don't think the Sony examples are very useful for assessing the lens. In fact, it makes me wonder what they are hiding. Why did they only show four images with just the closeup at f2.8?

It only makes sense to evaluate a lens at the lowest iso in good light because you are assessing lens performance, not sensor performance. Since I own an RX100 I already know how good the sensor is. As far as f5.6, it's a Sony product demo. No company is going to show photos at the extremes where the lens performs at it's worst. It doesn't mean Sony is "hiding" anything. We'll have to wait for proper reviews for true analysis.

In fact, as in the case of m43 lenses, I would expect diffraction issues to show up earlier in RX10. Couple of m43 lenses that are worth comparing against RX10 are Panasonic 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8. Both lenses reach optimal sharpness at f/4 as diffraction limit sets in around f/5.6. Coincidentally, I won't be surprised to learn that the RX10 lens has optimal sharpness at f/2.8-f/4, so f/5.6 may actually be a compromise to increase DoF.

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