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Re: New Photographer's Gallery

gidgetto wrote:

Hi jbf,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I will try to use some of your tips the next time I am out.

How do you remove the color cast? do you just play with the white balance until it looks right in LR or do you use adjustment layer in photoshop and play with the levels, or is there another tool?

I wish that the house in the final pic wasn't there too. I was driving down a forested road and the only clearing in the trees was because someone built this house, oh well Maybe I can make friends and shoot from their backyard next time (LOL) they must have a killer view.

I was thinking the same thing about the view from the backyard.

I don't have Lightroom so I would use the Photoshop adjustment layer which is a great tool for the job because it gives you complete control.  One tip which you may already know is to change the blend mode of the adjustment layer to 'Color' when fixing the color cast so that it doesn't inadvertently alter the brightness or contrast.


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