Tele-extender or cropping?

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Re: Tele-extender or cropping?

With a tele-converter, the minimum distance at which the camera focusses is further away.

My Olympus SP-570UZ (which does have an adaptor for the Olympus B-300, later renamed the Tcon17) this is particularly noticeable when I try to get small birds.

My Olympus SZ-30MR (for which I had to bodge an old adaptor), works beautyfully with the Olympus B-300.

This particular converter is also tried with other brands of camera. I have read reports saying that the B-300 focus distance with some cameras is wrong, and that adaptors have to be modified to correct this.

I have also found that dust settling on the tele-extender during long periods of storage also misleads the focussing, and the B-300 in particular is prone for the butter finger treatment since it has a large exposed glass surface.

Historically, the B-300 was designed for a 35mm all-in-one SLR, the Olympus IS-3000. Olympus used to state categorically that the B-300 would NOT work with their digital cameras, but I have used it directly with the Olympus C-1400L and the C-2500L at that particular time.

Other tele-extenders may have a similar history.


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