Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Decline in DSLR sales is natural "progression" not demise

Its almost a decade since the sub-2k models have peaked on their rage. Growth is dead, but profits will remain intact with an exciting model every once a while. So, moving forward niche market will still exist with longer release cycles for FF DSLR upgrades just like the SLR days.

DX prosumer market may see 1 or 2 more models max, with intermittent upgrades to sub-1k models based on economic/market trends. Canon has already lost its sanity by moving to video mode thinking its the next big thing when it comes to DSLR, which is actually a suicidal mode, but it will also survive b/c of its fan base.

Bottom line - its a natural progression and I bet Nikon is certainly aware of this rapid ramp down. After all ferrari's, lamb's, ducati's, harleys continue to survive and exist for a reason, even though I am sure they sold a lot of them during the dotcom boom days than in the recent years.

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