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ARe: Viewfinder and different body style...

Setter Dog wrote:

akjos wrote:

I got my m few days ago and its love/ hate relationship...
Love the lenses and touchscreen is nice but lcd is hardly visible in bright light ... Lack of viewfinder and external buttons and atrocious grip ( or lack of) make it quite a pain to use...
Love the lenses ( zoom and 22)
I was almost ready to sell it

I've had mine since early in the period when B@H was selling them for $350. I have the same complaints as akjos. I feel like I'm taking pictures with a bar of soap made of lead.

The little camera takes really great pictures but I just don't find it a fun camera to use. I looked on eBay with the idea of selling it. The only used one that actually sold went for $150 before fees and sales commissions. At that value point, I'll keep it as an extra. I like the images well enough that I would consider the M2, but only if it had an EVF and was easier to grip.


As Apple would tell you in the Antennagate fiasco, you are holding the M wrong.

The grip is useless, so people should stop trying to hold it like an SLR. Grip it at the four corners with your thumbs and index fingers like you would a phone camera and you'll be fine.

All the more tells me the M is targeted at P&S upgraders, not DSLR 'downgraders'.

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