RX10 lens quality?

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Re: RX10 lens quality?

tbcass wrote:

supeyugin1 wrote:

Pentax Q 06 lens is not a superzoom, it's a 69-207/2.8 equivalent. Q7 has 1/1.7" sensor which is 50% bigger than typical superzoom's 1/2.3". I'll try to post the results later, when I'll have time to do the test shots.

That's different because it doesn't cover the 24-200 range of the RX10. People are interested in the RX10 like the wide to tele range all in one solution. A 1/1.7 sensor, while better than a 1/2.3, still can't compare to the 1" sensor in the RX10. A quick look at DXO shows the Pentax isn't in the same league with the Sony 1".


This one doesn't, but if you add 02 standard zoom, then it does with 23-69/2.8-4.5, and you can't go beyond 200mm on Sony RX10, while I can attach inexpensive 105/2.8 and have 480/2.8 equivalent. Also RX10 costs more than twice than Q7 with two lenses (currently $560), and is much lighter and more compact. RX10 is nice camera for sure, but not at $1300. I have R1 which I bought for $250 used few years ago, and I won't pay more than $500 for RX10.

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