Tele-extender or cropping?

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Re: Tele-extender or cropping?

You should  test your equipment to learn what works best.

Since your concern is about sharpness, shoot the same static, detailed composition with and without the converter ( a flat brick wall works well  parallel to the cameras sensor). Use a tripod and only change the shutter speed when using the converter. Treat both image files the same in post processing. Do a 2X crop on the non converter image. Judge both files side by side in Photoshop and you will have your answer.

Since you have a zoom, you can also do the same test at different focal lengths if you wish and you will likely see that results will differ.

What affects image sharpness is camera movement, subject movement, and lens quality. That is why you should use a tripod (correctly) and shoot a static subject for your the results will be affected only by the lens.

That's the long answer...the short answer is to throw out that low end piece of junk converter.

Good Luck

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