A-mount Users: Do you shoot RAW or JPG

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K E Hoffman
K E Hoffman Senior Member • Posts: 5,102
A-mount Users: Do you shoot RAW or JPG

When I upgraded to my a77 from my a700.  One of the things I noted was all the JPG only features.

In the past these have been minor mostly basic PP.  But now there are allot a few I think don't even work with RAW+JPG.

I noted a lot of people who are clearly using JPG to gain the lens correction etc.

Just Curious about how the current a-mount users on the board are shooting.  This is about YOUR preference not meant to be a which is better thread.

In the end.. what you like is best from your camera.

OK.. so no "Real Photographers...." posts..please.

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JPG only.. RAW is too much trouble, and JPGs from my camera look great.
11.8% 18  votes
JPG only.. I use one or more of the built in features for jpg regularly and prefer what the camera creates over PP software.
3.3% 5  votes
RAW+JPG I want to see what the camera did but have options to process myself
27.5% 42  votes
RAW Only I want to PP my images to my standards
47.1% 72  votes
Depends on what I am shooting I have a pretty even mix of RAW only and JPG only image sets.
10.5% 16  votes
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