SB400 Trigger?

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Re: It depends on your Nikon body

TH - NikonStrobist wrote:

WFulton wrote:

Does not cost much, but is low power and only works connected to hot shoe.

Not entirely true. Because you can't set an SB400 in any node from a menu on the flash itself, it's not a happy camper on a wireless trigger, but it works off camera when connected via a TTL cable (although it looks pretty damn odd, frankly.)

What I actually said (above) was "only works connected to hot shoe".  

The hot shoe extension cords will make that hot shoe connection, but they are typically only a couple of feet off camera.  If you try to stretch them longer, the coil tension likely tips over a light stand.  And for TTL, such cord only allows using one single flash. Multiple remote TTL flash requires Commander, which SB-400 cannot do either.

SB-400 is very minimal, and is not simply the right choice for anyone looking to adventure into flash.  If low price is all important, at least look at something like Yongnuo YN-565EX, vastly more features, for a few dollars less than SB-400. My own preference is SB-800.

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