I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Sure it is...

Ed B wrote:

I have to agree with you. I don't want to criticize anyone because there are many great photographers and knowledgeable people here, but I think some people get carried away with their "needs" and with what they expect from a camera.

With the exception of fast action sports I see no reason why the X-P1/X-E1 wouldn't be a good tool for almost any situation.

My needs were not met by the X-E1 before the latest firmware.  I was constantly frustrated with it's focus performance and ended up moving back to my Olympus EM5.  With the new firmware it's worlds better but still lacking compared to the Olympus.  I'm hoping the X-E2 will put it on closer footing because I do prefer it's output in low light.

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