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Re: Nikons STRONGER than they were five years ago

sandy b wrote:

And if they are out of the camera business in five years, no one will be in it. Sony, Pentax, Oly, Fuji, all of them could be out of it THIS year. Sony has Never made a profit selling cameras. Ever. It's been years since any of the others saw a dime. Anyone remember Nikon finishing a year in the red? Even the year with the flood? And theothers all have worse shrinking markets than Nikon. So sure, Nikon could go under. Any company could go under.

I would put the odds at 100000-1.

I think Nikon is just as likely to solidify their position in the face of competition weakness.

I'll take those odds... here's my dollar.  

Seriously, I do agree with you for the most part... Nikon is a very conservative company (which has both good points and bad), but they do seem to be reasonably stable.  Despite people's bad mouthing over the last while, I think Nikon is doing quite well from a technology POV.  Sure they have some issues (QC and customer service come to mind), but their cameras are very solid.  I can't think of another brand that I would rather own (the closest would be Panasonic µ4/3, but even there I feel the system as a whole does not quite meet my needs... I would definitely have to change my approach if I was to switch to them).


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