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I agree with the financial post article.

Would you have predicted RIM to get in such sticky situation 5 years ago, when nearly every single ibankers were using the Blackberries?

Would you have predicted Nokia being acquired before the debut of the iPhone? When every other smartphones are either manufactured by Nokia or Sony.

Would you have predicted Samsung to dominate the smartphone market 5 years ago? When Android was not released yet?

And do you remember Kodak? The company that INVENTED the digital camera and dominated the whole film industry?

So why is it not possible for Nikon to go out of business in 5 years?

What are the recent breakthroughs of Nikon? I mean breakthroughs, not incremental upgrades of sensors megapixels. I dont think they will be around in the next 5 years if they keep on doing what they have been doing.

Absolutely - and all of the failures listed here have one thing in common & that is the company in question failed to understand or adapt to how people used the device. Blackberry couldn't grasp the concept of apps, Nokia couldn't grasp the concept of a "smartphone", and Kodak relied on reputation.

Not quite the case with Blackberry. The downfall of Blackberry is mostly the result of their reliance on the Waterloo path and especially the higher cost of having to maintain the Blackberry Enterprise Server. Blackberry simply cost more for fewer features. They were also very vulnerable to a couple of patent trolls a few years ago and I believe that hurt them the most and kept them from putting their energy into innovation that could have saved them.

I agree.

Blackberry had apps just no consolidated app store. Blackberry's downfall came from the age-old tech belief - "We can 'tweek' what we have until get what we need.."

This was a hug mistake and they should have immediately setup a new engineering group (skunkworks) to combat Apple. Heaven knows they spent enough in R&D. But they were heavy vested in Java as their OS and didn't care much about the user interface. Their first response was the Storm, then the Storm II, etc. Each was a failure until they admitted they needed to commit to a whole new OS. By the time Blackberry 10 arrived, too much time had passed. Arrogance from the Leadership led to this downfall

Nokia was entrenched in Symbian (and other OS) issues. Nokia engineers even felt there was no way that the iPhone could perform with the kind of responsiveness of display being witnessed, spending over $100K in camera costs and time to only be proven wrong. When you command 90% of the market, you behave this way.

Least of all, lets not forget Steve Balmer's reception to the iPhone when it came out. He laughed at the iPhone, the price structure (not that it mattered), then went on to reiterate that he felt comfortable with his large 'smart-phone' market share which Microsoft commanded. They followed Blackberry's play-making, Windows 6.1, 6.2, 7.0 etc. We know where this led.

Each of the big three have been decimated by IOS and Android devices because they failed to adapt quickly and I expect we'll see the same for Canon and Nikon.

Others have pointed out that Canon and Sony can survive with a huge market downturn. Olympus, Nikon and others are more vulnerable. The DSLR market is contracting and this will continue because of smaller, better connected devices.

My issue with Nikon (and Canon) has been with same arrogance I witnessed from the above, tech companies. They have been comfortable for too long and have lost the hunger...

How they treat their customers is an issue (at least Nikon USA). Make a fragile $3000 D800 with ports that break or bottom plates that separate, don't be surprised when folks start looking for a smaller, simpler camera immediately.

Ignore engineering / service issues (Japanese culture be damned), others will be happy to take a consumers money.

Stick with archaic menu structures feature sets and many will start looking at other manufacturers that provide (even post firmware upgrades -- Thanks Fuji) with features like focus peaking.

So now Nikon is going to come out with a camera that's retro. That's just great and I look forward to the official announcement. It's too early but no video - hows that a response? To me this camera (if true) may look good but will be like the initial, cobbled together response from Blackberry mentioned above. I can pass on that.

Nikon has not proven they can adjust quickly to this market.

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