I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Re: Top Camera on DPR Widget

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If you look at the DPR Top Camera widget, an app that calculates the top searched camera, the X-E2 is first. As I understand it there is some glitch preventing the A7 from being on the list. But even so, the fact remains there is a lot of interest in the X-E2, and for good reason.

As far as interest around here, I would assume that most people here already have an X-Pro1, X-E1 or X100s. I got back into the Fujifilm X system a couple of days ago, and I chose the X-E1 kit over the X-E2 for two reasons. One, it's available now and the good weather is not going to be around much longer in the North East US. And perhaps more importantly, budget. The X-E1 kit, with the instant rebate was substantially less expensive than the X-E2 kit, leaving more money for lenses like the 35 f/1.4.

But the X-E2 is an excellent upgrade of an already great camera. So I fully expect to upgrade at some point now that I'm back using the X system.

The A7 I have zero interest in it whatsoever as I already have a FF DSLR that I could not possibly be happier with and I'm definitely not in the camp that finds a DSLR large or heavy.

My take on the A7 is that the body may be reasonably priced, but the lenses not at all. The blue sticker Zeiss branded lenses, many with rather slow max apertures, are simply priced too high. A Sony/Zeiss 35 f/2.8 for $800? Seriously? Has anyone here ever spent that much money for a modest f/2.8 prime that wasn't a macro lens? And the f4 zooms are even more expensive. At least with F-mount, $200 primes like the excellent optics like 50 f/1.8G are available. The Sony 55 f/1.8 for the NEX FF? $1200. Thanks, but no thanks.

The X-E1 I couldn't be happier with it. The kit zoom extremely well made with excellent optics. And when I add one or two primes, and perhaps the excellent 55-200, I'm going to be all set.

But the X-E2 looks like an excellent update that people on DPR are talking about.

The Sony is on the widget....and is way down from the Fuji

With all due respect to Fuji (which I own and love), I would be stunned if there were really more searches for the X-E2 than the A7/r. As someone noted, the X-E2 is an evolutionary upgrade of a well-known product. The A7/r is a completely new camera system.

I was told there is a glitch in the DPR software that is preventing the A7 searches from showing up. Not sure why that would be because the other announced Sony, the RX10, is showing up in the widget.

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