Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

kelvin2345 wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

"If they keep doing what they've been doing" - clearly that is true. But remember that both Canon and Nikon, with their large embedded base, is trying to make smart moves that keeps the customer base intact while also attracting new buyers.

RIM, Nokia and Kodak all had a large embedded base. They all thought they were making "smart moves" to keep the customer base intact - and what happen?

It's a very different type of base, you might have bought some apps for BB OS or Symbian but making the switch to Android or iOS wouldn't cost much.  When Kodak had their troubles they made film and sensors mostly IIRC both of which had other suppliers that consumers/companies could switch to.

For Nikon people have lots of money invested in lenses, if you have a few thousand dollars in F Mount lenses it's holding you to that system in a way the other companies didn't have for their products.  Even for amateurs with <1,000 that's still a big hit for them to switch as they don't plan to spend a ton on their next camera purchase.

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